Wednesday, July 04, 2007

The 'Vacation Five'

You all know what I'm talking about...That "What the heck, I'm on vacation" attitude every time you pick up a menu. Well, I won't disappoint!I spent a wonderful week in San Francisco for a sales conference. LOVE that city!

I checked out the Cowgirl Creamery in the Ferry Building and checked out The Slanted Door for lunch. No photo ops here, but phenomenal food!

I flew home on Friday and flew out to Portland on Sunday for a week of R&R with my man. We spent the week exploring the Oregon Coast. Insanely beautiful and very relaxing!

We hit The Rogue Breweryfor a cool one and some lunch. Kobe Beef Burger topped with Oregon Blue Cheese and a salad. Although beer is not usually my drink, I had a Will Ferrel Old School moment.. "It tastes so good when it touches my lips!". We also visited the Tillamook Cheese Factory. Pretty wild watching the process, but I have to say I prefer the romance of the beautifully over crowded cases @ Cowgirl Creamery.

On to the Inn at Cape Kawanda for (that's right), more eating drinking and a weak attempt to hike it all off. We indulged in a beer flight along with the 'Tower of Onion Rings', another Kobe Burger & Fish and Chips. I have to make this clear. I am a fish and chips snob. I like mine battered, not breaded. Lightly please so when it reaches my table, it's light & fluffy, not oily and dense. Unfortunately we did not hit the mark on this one, but the beers I'll give a 10. Finish and take that harrowing 50 yard walk to our place across the street. It's all good.

We do love the 'little guy'. You know, the guy just trying to make it and happens to put out incredible food. We landed on
Harvest Fresh River Deli. On a Tuesday "all you can eat" pasta night to boot! They had 5 pasta dishes to mix & max and eat your fill. It included soup or salad so we got one cup of Mushroom Barley & and one Potato Cheese soup. Mike had the sausage lasagna while I had Linguine with chicken, lemongrass pesto and chili. Round 2: It was so good we stuck with the same.

That's all for now. Next stop (post), Manzanita!

Eat up!


Chubbypanda said...

You're so little! Where does it all go?

Shawn said...

Cowgirl Creamery rocks. I still remember everything I tried there in my trip to SF last year.

The Ferry building was one of the highlights of the whole trip. Golden Gate, sure, Suasalito, great ... but at the Ferry building was store after store stocked with wine, olive oil, pastry, Italian staples -- a foodie dream come true.