Saturday, May 26, 2007

Get to cookin!

Lately I've been slackin....about cooking that is. I have 2 teenage boys (you'd think that would keep me busy in the kitchen!), but they're never home and so the dilemma continues. If I cook, who will eat it?? Well, I've been catching up on my favorite blogs which have inspired me to cook more, and blog one dish weekly.

Last night while laying in bed reading one of my (90+) cookbooks, I came across the following recipe in Jamie Oliver's The Naked Chef Takes off.

white risotto with lemon thyme, sliced prosciutto, percorino & crumbled goat's cheese

As I'm finishing the dish, my 19 year old son Rob comes in for a taste. He loves it, but we have different opinions. Far too rich for me. The recipe called for 4 ounces of both freshly grated Parmesan and percorina cheeses. Top this with the goat's cheese and prosciutto and it was over the top. I'd make the dish again, but cut both cheese in half, add fresh peas and eliminate the goat's cheese.

I love the whole idea of how cooking gets our wheels turning. How can the dish be better? How would we put our 'stamp' on it? And when you land on the perfect share it with everyone you know.
What a great thing to love...this cooking..

Eat up!