Friday, December 14, 2007

Casa De Liquid Muse!

I know....once again it's been to long between posts and I have no other excuse than being butt kickin busy.

A couple of weeks ago I get an exciting! It's from The Liquid I'm thrilled!! Cocktails with the girls at her place. This was my lucky day!!! Check out her book deal (yeah!), cocktail recipes, and local happenings!!!

I've been lucky enough to meet up with several O.C. Food bloggers; Chubby Panda and Monster Munching to name a couple. I million things go through my head before we meet for the first time. What do
they look like, are they funny, will we have a good time? I have yet to be disappointed! Charming, funny and a great time is what I walk away with.

I am flattered to be asked to someones home. What an intimate and gracious gesture! As I approached the door, it opened with a warm "You must be Deb!" and a big hug. We got right down to business and poured glasses of champagne. I like this girl! As the other ladies continued to stream in and introductions made, I felt like I was with a group of girlfriends catching up.

The food was wonderful. A beautiful "Oh it's sooo simple" salmon fillet was nestled between brie & blue cheeses. Wonderfully crisp flatbread was waiting to be layered with the delicious items one plate over. come the most delicious things are the simplest? I love hummus....who am I kidding... I love just about everything! ;) The 'closer' was chocolate covered Fortune Cookies and more great conversation.

This is truly the time of year to embrace our gifts. Friends (new and old), time well spent (slow down) and open that bottle of wine you've been saving! Now is the best time to drink it!!