Saturday, March 24, 2007

Everybody loves pizza!

Last Thursday was my 'L.A. Day' for work. As I was driving into Beverly Hills, I was thinking Nancy Silverton and Mario Batali's new pizza joint Mozza just might be nearby. Punch it in my nav and there it was...3 miles away from my final destination!

You know, I read a lot of glowing reviews and then the ones that worn you about the long lines and craziness, but I encountered none of that. There were about 10 people waiting (it was lunchtime), and got in without a reservation. Since I was alone I opted to sit at the bar where you can watch them weave their pizza magic. The pie I ordered had spring onions, roasted garlic, Coach Goat Cheese and bacon. Coach Farms is owned and operated by Mario's in-laws. Keepin it in the family!

I've always made my first judgement of any pizza by the crust. It's got to be cracker thin and very crisp. They get an A+ here. The pizza was certainly tasty, (and I'm sure I could quickly become very unpopular here...) but I would have made some changes with the toppings. Don't get me wrong, great combination of ingredients, and not overpriced ($14), but some minor changes non the less. The roasted garlic was delish... but gigantic. Huge cloves dotted the pizza and I felt it would been more enhancing if the cloves were smaller. The cheese and the bacon were outstanding, but the springs onions were cut into 3 inch long stings, which promptly embedded themselves into every space between my teeth they could find.

Did all this stop me??? Pllllleeeeease! It was extremely good, just not one I'd order during lunch time again. The staff was unpretentious and attentive. Small space...fills up quickly. Go for the bar. It's much more fun!

I struck up a conversation with an older couple while waiting to get in. They lived near by and made a weekly lunch or dinner trip there. They did tell me dinner reservations are at 1 to 1 1/2 months out, but you can almost always get in for lunch with no problem. The husband said he was a 'pizza hound' and they hadn't served him a bad one yet. Would I go back for dinner (or on a weekend)?, no. bet!

Pizza $14
water- $0


Mozza Pizzeria
641 N Highland
Los Angeles, Ca. 90036


Freya and Paul said...

A wonderful article and I love your blog (first time visitor). Thanks for sharing! Now I want pizza for dinner!

Chubbypanda said...

I need to look into getting one of those Magellan GPS units. I really liked the one I rented when I was last in Vancouver.

Jeni said...

Mmm...I'm starting to crave Mozza again. We haven't been back since December. I looooooove their pizza crust. But I totally agree about their toppings...some of the pie's are a bit too much.

Juliet said...

I get what you're saying about the roasted garlice and spring onions. Both things that I love, but chopping them more finely and spreading them out probably would be good.

If you ever wanted to get take out, do they have that option? (Not that I live anywhere near there anyway. LOL)

Sara said...

nooo.. big garlic is FABULOUS. It looks funny all cut up.

My favourite pizza is still the proper, Italian 'Margherita'. Thin crust, tomato paste, mozzarella and served with a rocket salad and glass of white wine. It's like being in Rome.

Susan said...

I've read so much about his new place too; I'm glad to read your review. Well done! Although, I have to admit, I'm a thick crust kind of girl.:)

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