Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Can we eat or what?

Should I be bragging about that??? When the food is great... I say yes!

Took a little mini vacation to see my fiance Mike in Portland. He planned a little over night road trip to Seattle and what a great time. We ate our way back to Portland! Thursday before we left we checked out Ken's Artisan Pizza. We ordered a classic Margarita. It was evident the ingredients were fresh and nothing beats a brick oven, but the crust was lacking. We like the classic Sicilian Pizza's. Paper thin and crisp. The center of the pizza needed just a few more minutes to get there. We ordered a Sausage & Olive to keep our Margarita company. They each served 1-2 and yes.... we polished them both off (along with some vino & beer!)
Forgive me... I thought I was being such a diligent food blooger by taking notes & menus, but got home and can't find them!

Friday we get to Seattle and check into our hotel in the Queen Anne neighborhood. We asked the front desk for a lunch recommendation and landed on Phuket. This was our lucky day!!

We started off with mini spring rolls, then Mike ordered Chicken Curry Rice and I had a Tom Kha Gai with Chicken Curry. We'd never seen Chicken Curry Rice prepared with the curry blended into the rice (versus laddled over it)but Mike was in love. My Tom Kha Gai was good, but a little sweeter than I like. I prefer it tart and spicy. NEXT!

Mike had stayed up late and researched someplace for breakfast (it's my favorite meal!)
So before heading back to Portland, we hit Portage Bay Cafe. This was a keeper! The picture does not do it justice! I ordered Eggs Benedict with a twist...Spicy black black bean-pancetta cakes, homemade organic cornbread, with our house-smoked tomato and saffron sauce. It was incredible!!!!

Once back in Portland we did what we do best....explore the city. Mike needs a little something to go with the pot and a half of coffee he's consumed, so how about some chocolate at Sweet Masterpiece!
He went for the beautiful Chocolate Tower...layers of chocolate on chocolate and a few additonal pieces 'to go'.

Vino Paradiso is the hot ticket for some great wine and even better small plates. The Cheese and Salami plates were great, but the real treat was the Filet topped with Sun Dried Tomato & Garlic Butter with a side of Butternut Squash & Parmesian Risotto.

Before this turns into something imitating a poorly written book...I'll shut it down, but not without leaving you with a 'closer'. ;)


elmomonster said...

Now that's what I call a trip! Portland sounds awesome. Thin pizzas is the only kind of pizzas I like. And I love that sushi quote!

Papa Louie said...

I'm soo hungary. Will Mike find us a great place to eat in Boston? And then you can report about it here at dinner at six.

Deb said...

Hey Louie! We know plenty of great little Italian 'hole in the walls' in the North End that are great. Can't wait!

Chubbypanda said...

Good heavens, girl! What about the spinning and the fitness and stuff? Or do you guys tend to burn more calories on an average day?

Wandering Chopsticks said...

You're in my hometown Deb! I actually like Ken's bakery sandwiches more. Next time you're in the area, try Koji's ramen, they make it fresh and so good. And Moonstruck for the best milkshakes ever. They make artisan truffles and put those chocolates in their milkshakes.