Sunday, October 07, 2007


It's hard to believe last weekend I was in Hawaii. It was for our National Toyota Dealer Meeting in Waikiki. Toyota goes all out, great food (sushi as far as the eye can see) along with prime rib and lamb chops and the cocktails are flowing. We get a big name M.C. and entertainment each year. This year the Jay Leno M.C.'d it then we we treated to a concert with Stevie Nicks opening for Aerosmith. Good times but lets get back to the food!

I asked the concierge at the hotel for suggestions on a local plate lunch joint. He said the only place to send me was to The Rainbow Drive-in.
I got the combo plate...rice, mac salad (YUM!), bbq beef, fish & pork. I did not leave hungry! Hawaiian macaroni salad is my favorite. Real mayo and plenty of it. I know it may sound gross, but it tastes soooo good when it touches your lips!

After lunch I explored a little and discovered another local favorite, Leonards. It's a bakery that serves the donut of Hawaii, Masaladas. Although I don't like the taste of sweets, I love to look!

Great local places, beautiful weather, awesome eats.

Please forgive me on this not to descriptive post...traveling and spare time do not go together. Looking forward to being home for a while and getting back into the swing of things.

Eat up!


Shawn said...

I have to confess I have had a weakness for a heavy hand with the mayonnaise in pasta salad ever since I was a kid -- my grandmother used to make a (then) macaroni salad (now it would be a pasta salad) that was a hit with all her friends. She used a load of mayonnaise, and I think that was the secret. That was Kentucky, and you are talking about Hawaii, but I wonder if that is the common thread.

So glad you had a great trip!

elmomonster said...

I'm going to Kauai next week. This post is whetting my lips! Welcome back!

Susan said...

When my husband and I travel, we love to ask the locals at grocery stores and libraries and bookstores where they eat, so we can experience more authentic meals. It usually works brilliantly, as you just showed. maybe I should look into working for Toyota. Hawaii isn't so bad. ;)

Chubbypanda said...

Awww... I wanna work for Toyota.

Anonymous said...

No wonder the auto industry needed a bail out.